change. transformation. metamorphosis.

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looking into the past projects and studio spaces.

my personality painting about innocence, wisdom and sexuality, a hand photograph from my everyday challenge, and my old work space in a too-small, not-so-private apartment.

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This ain’t no tea party

As of May 2013, I have officially earned a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Studio Art. As if that makes me educated and seasoned enough to tip my beret and call myself an artist, I’m far from it and have a very long ways to go.

Recently, I have made the extremely hard decision to leave my previous job at a non-profit organization, and for their sake and my own I’ll spare the details. So for the past two-weeks my time has been filled with sniffles, sneezes, tissues, and job applications, and while it’s been a fun two weeks of not worrying when my next shift is, I’ve now been latent with the thought that I’ll never find another job in this economy. As luck would have it, I finally received a call back about an opportunity. To spare myself the bad luck I won’t say much more other than I am excited at the prospect.

The thing is, this job will require me to use the knowledge my degree provided me with, whereas my previous job had not. It’s been months since I’ve made art or gotten my hands dirty and I’m itching to create. It may take months or years for me to get back into the groove of things, but I’m determined to make art a huge focus in my art. Besides, what kind of teacher would I be without a passion for it myself?

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a drawing project inspired by yoko ono’s grapefruit.

requirements: complete one of ono’s instructions, write an instruction for a fellow classmate.

the instruction i chose:


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a glimpse of my life drawing 1 sketches

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